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jon October 3, 2023 CRM blog Integration Salesforce
InterWeave Salesforce to Ecommerce integration

InterWeave offers a comprehensive eCommerce and Salesforce Solution through its SmartIntegration Platform for CRM, known for its flexibility and tailored approach. With a history of integrating eCommerce Solutions since 2006, InterWeave provides subscription-based Solutions customized to fit each customer’s unique business processes and workflow.

This Solution introduces the InterWeave Customer Portal, specifically configured to streamline Accounts Receivable (AR) processing. Within this Solution, three key components are highlighted:

  1. eCommerce Customer: Seamlessly correlates with a Salesforce Account.
  2. eCommerce Sales Order: Corresponds to a Salesforce Opportunity.
  3. eCommerce Item: Mirrors a Salesforce Product.

One standout feature is the ability to choose integration direction at the object level, including unidirectional (one way), unidirectional (the other way), or bi-directional. Customers can also select standard or custom objects to work with, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

Configuring the integration flow from Order Management System (OMS) Customer to Salesforce Account involves several critical considerations such as Binding Criteria, Primary Contacts, Parent-Child Hierarchies, Sync Operations, Shipping and Billing, Custom Mapping, and more.

The OMS Sales Order to SF Opportunity (or Sales Receipts, if applicable) builds on similar sync operations but provides in-depth configuration options tailored to individual business processes and workflows. Customers can set default templates for Sales Orders, control conversion to Invoices, and utilize custom mapping and more.

The OMS Item to SF Product integration focuses on matching products in eCommerce to those in Salesforce, considering factors like chart of accounts, class, category, income and expense accounts, and Item types (e.g., Inventory, Non-Inventory, Service), with specialization in Inventory and Advanced Inventory management.

InterWeave simplifies the setup of Salesforce and eCommerce credentials, helping users define Salesforce Integration Users, OMS Administrators, and eCommerce URI details. The platform offers specific selections for eCommerce Edition, multi-currency settings, error handling, and email notifications.

In the eCommerce Shop, customers select from a range of options, including Salesforce to eCommerce integration, SmartSolutions Configuration, Training, and Support. The ordering process includes entering billing details, reviewing orders, and submitting payments. InterWeave’s eCommerce Solution captures this information at user-defined intervals and, based on customer status, creates or updates Salesforce Accounts, Products, and Opportunities.

InterWeave’s approach to integration involves collaboration with sales administrators and accounting personnel to align workflows effectively. The platform supports all editions of Salesforce, including Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer, allowing customers to choose based on their preferences and needs.

The platform also addresses licensing and annual subscription fees for the internal eCommerce Connector, which offers read-write capabilities aligned with the chosen Salesforce edition.

Furthermore, InterWeave assures customers that its cloud-based integration eliminates the need for software installation on users’ machines, minimizing potential connectivity issues related to firewalls or VPNs.

To get started, InterWeave encourages prospective customers to fill out a survey for a detailed quote. Additionally, they provide an 8 Step Document outlining the implementation process and welcome technical questions via email.

For a more in-depth understanding of the platform and solutions, InterWeave offers scheduled meetings and consultations to accommodate customers’ needs and preferences. The implementation timeline typically ranges from 10 to 15 business days, depending on the level of detail required and the customer’s schedule.

To take the next steps, potential customers are invited to contact their InterWeave Sales Representative to schedule a demo. Upon engagement, customers receive access to the help site for a seamless onboarding process. InterWeave looks forward to welcoming you as a valued customer.

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