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Integration Technologies is a privately owned company. The Magown Advisory Group, LLP. and members of the Integration Technologies management team are the majority investors. For more information, please contact us through


About Magown Advisory Group, LLP.

Magown Advisory is a leading business services firm that assists emerging, mid-market, mature or turn-around firms looking to establish leadership in emerging markets. Magown Advisory provides specific business services for a select group of domestic and international clients. Each service requires a combination of strategic assessment and advice and pragmatic, experienced-base action plans. Assignments range from outsourced sales initiatives, corporate and product positioning, in-depth market segment research, investment and capital raise and technology analysis and development. Magown Advisory consults on mergers and acquisitions, corporate positioning and investor relations, and strategic acquisitions. In addition, we offer partners with special expertise in software and product development in technology. For further information, click on

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