The SmartIntegration Platform


A very Different approach to Integration

  • Complete, configurable Solutions to integrate today’s popular business applications; you configure, test, run.
  • All processes, workflow logic, mapping is ready for you to configure – with a mouse and the web
  • Smart Solutions are completely configurable by the customer with pick lists, drop downs or custom fields
  • An alternative to inefficient program and consultant-based approaches, our next generation web-based Solutions are powerful yet easy to use

The SmartIntegration Platform Private Cloud

InterWeave has been running at Rackspace Managed Hosting since 2006, and co-located at other sites in the US and Europe.

  • Decades of expertise matched with thousands of experts
  • 2500+ Cloud Engineers across Linux, Windows and VMware
  • 700+ Enterprise App Certifications across Salesforce, Oracle & SAP
  • "Rackspace has the scale, the skills, and the culture to help our customers get to where they need to be."

The Software as a Service Advantage

Compared with traditional enterprise software, InterWeave SmartSolutions Software as a Service (SaaS) approach offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Lower costs··
  • Faster deployments··
  • Greater ease of use··
  • More transparency··
  • Lower risk··
  • Higher customer satisfaction··

InterWeave Integration Platform Benefits

Your Solutions can be accessed on-demand, over the web, or deployed on-premises, in a company’s datacenter or hosting provider.

  • Easily configure, maintain and monitor your integration solutions—without requiring IT experts
  • Customize your solutions at any time — just log in and add/change your selections
  • Provides data to the right application, in the right format, at the right :me- improve your employees productivity
  • We integrate with a large selectin of “Best of Breed” applications··if you don't see it, just ask
  • This is SaaS—Software as a Service. No developers, no servers, support in included.

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Your Business Process. Your Workflow. Your Applications. Integration with Configuration, not Programming.