The SmartIntegration Platform for CRM

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InterWeave – The SmartIntegration Platform for CRM

InterWeave – The SmartIntegration Platform for CRM

Welcome to the award-winning, InterWeave, the on-demand service designed for you to manage your Solutions, integrate with other systems, and even build your own Solution.

Salesforce Solutions

From the start, Salesforce has sought to change the world for the better through technology that builds stronger relationships. Between companies and their customers. Between employees and far-flung teams. Between governments and their citizens. Between people who want to make a difference.

Customer Payment Portals

The Customer Portal provides a secure environment, with seamless integration with real-time credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, and dozens of payment methods. Integration with your CRM Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Products, custom objects is immediate. Additionally, Multiple MSP’s can be supported at the same time.

ACH/CC Payment Solutions

Real-time, Scheduled and Recurring Payments and Subscription Management Payments with a hosted, self-service InterWeave Customer Portal, integrated with your CRM.

Multi-Cloud Solutions

Connect your CRM with applications, data, enterprise solutions and other clouds to create your hybrid cloud environment. As cloud-based, subscription-based solutions continue to evolve, your challenge is to find the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendor who has the capability and experience.

Creatio Solutions

Digital workflows are disrupting each industry and define the future. With each organization having an ever-growing need for digital workflows, we are excited to create a world where companies can own their automation with no-code and maximum degree of freedom.

SuiteCRM Solutions

SuiteCRM is the world’s number 1 Open Source CRM. Our feature-rich enterprise-ready alternative to Salesforce provides all the benefits of CRM at substantially lower costs with the freedoms and flexibility of Open Source.

SugarCRM Solutions

What started as a game-changing open-source, freemium CRM product is now a modern, robust, AI-driven cloud platform that keeps business moving and is the only purpose-built CRM platform that delivers high-definition customer experience. For too long, companies have been stuck with high-maintenance CRMs that require too much manual entry to be useful or offer too little functionality to actually get the job done. With SugarCRM, you let the platform do the work.

OROCRM/OROCommerce Solutions

business need. The solution offers robust customer management tools, powerful reporting, and complementary third-party integrations. Customers can deploy in either a SaaS/cloud environment or on-premise setup