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The InterWeave eCommerce & Salesforce Integration with the SmartIntegration Platform for CRM.

Top reasons why salesforce integration will grow your business

Salesforce integration will help you manage your customer relationships more effectively  With Salesforce integration, you can more effectively manage your customer relationships. This is because Salesforce provides you with a centralized system for managing customer…

InterWeave provides Great Customer Service and Fast Responses for NxtBook Media

CIO VIews and Bruce Magown. When life takes its course, it leads you on the exact track where you need to be. There must have been umpteen obstacles as he set out on his career path, however Bruce Magown made the right choices backed by strong moral values that led to the foundation of InterWeave one of the leading Cloud Integration platforms providing the best services for SaaS companies today.

I had the opportunity to meet with a great Magazine this spring, Take a look. In Conversation with a Newsmaker