DeepVac – We make your renovations easy on you and your tenants.

InterWeave Smart Solutions – Configurable QuickBooks Desktop (Hosted at Trapp Online) integration to Salesforce Enterprise Edition

Twenty-eight years ago, we started our company specializing in turning over vacant apartment units (Painting, Carpet Cleaning and Housekeeping prior to new tenant occupancy). Concentrating on Apartment Communities and Property Management companies we found we were servicing many affordable and senior housing projects. Within a few years we included packing services of tenant occupied units undergoing remodeling and renovations.

Currently, we turn over approximately 250 units a month (carpet cleaning, house cleaning and painting vacant units in preparation for new tenants) and have recently completed a six-month long renovation project for 300 tenant occupied units (packing, moving, returning  and unpacking).

We are blessed with a core of personnel who have been with us for many years. During business hours your calls are answered by Lea or Sylvia who came to us with decades of experience in apartment management and tenant turnovers and have been with us a combined fourteen years. Angelica, who manages all of our technicians, came to us over fifteen years ago with years of experience in property maintenance and repairs. Our technicians have been with us an average of ten years or more. We all pride ourselves on reliability, accountability, and timeliness.

Dear Bruce and Dmytro,

MILLION THANKS for your excellent work! You are the best!

I will monitor the transactions for the next four or five days as you suggested.
Alexander will send me information regarding the ticket I am to create for the next step.
At some point in the future, we will work on the third item below, there is no rush on it.
You will send me an invoice for the 2018 license and proceed to download the new edition of QB. If I have missed something, please let me know.

Again, thank you for ten years of being The Best Company to work with!

DeepVac, Inc.

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