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Focus on your core business:

How do you remain focused on your core business and still implement IT strategies that save costs, reduce headaches and improve your bottom line? See how moving your appraisal management operations to the Compass cloud can do just that.

Integrate in real-time:

Learn how to leverage the industry-leading Web services API to reduce the effort of integration. We’ve already integrated Compass with Loan Origination Systems, the Uniform Collateral Data Portal and the Appraisal Sub Committee, but it doesn’t stop there.

Deliver quality at every turn:

Is it possible to deliver quality and high volume without increasing costs? By choosing an appraisal management system that can help you establish the right process you can ensure the right results. But it’s not all about process it’s also about your team. See how Compass can help you foster long term relationships with appraisers and continually improve the reports you deliver.

Stop wasting time:

How do you reduce errors, stay organized, focus on results and deliver great customer service? No two companies take the same approach to order management so why should your appraisal management system. Learn how Compass can be setup to manage your order workflow.

Turbo-charge your sales:

Pair Compass with the world’s #1 sales application and give your sales team everything they need to connect with customers. See everything the Sales Cloud has to offer.

Panel Management

Build stronger relationships with your appraisers. Compass has a full suite of panel management tools that gives you a 360° view of your workforce. Recruit and build your panels, validate appraiser profiles, engage your appraisers and monitor their performance.


Attract, screen and select qualified appraisers to join your panel. Use web capture forms integrated into your website and watch as the data flows into your database of candidates. Recruit by geographic area using a direct connection to Appraisal World’s database of CVR certified appraisers. Setup custom rules and approval processes to ensure your panels are built with appraisers that match your quality standards.


Empower your appraisers to complete their profile, including license information, coverage, experience, contact information, and more. Validate and complete data in profiles using external sources like the ASC database. Once complete you can leverage this collection of data and automate email alerts, build rules and improve order assignment.


Send emails, log calls, schedule meetings and create follow-ups all from within Compass. It’s never been easier to track and store all information and communications with your appraisers. Build custom engagement letters and have them populate dynamically at order assignment.


Filter your database of appraisers and build panels for order assignment. Panels can be setup for one client, multiple clients or for divisions/departments within clients. Specify panel type by product and even differentiate between staff panels and fee panels.


Monitor and track performance of panels and appraisers. Setup appraiser scorecards, a rating system and measure turn-around times. Deliver custom reports to executives, clients and management. Use performance ratings in order assignment.

Order Management

Streamline your operations and stop wasting time. See the data you need with custom views. Simplify order routing using assignment rules and manage order workflow rules by account. Leverage real time dashboards and reports to understand what’s going on with your orders, your appraisers and your customers. Ensure quality by defining client specific rules that leverage new data standards.

Custom Views

Build custom views so your team can focus on the order data they need. See what you want to see: work in progress, open orders, past due orders or a combination of status, geography and clients. Any number of views can be defined with filters and advanced logic. Once setup a multitude of display options are available for individuals or groups of users.


Choose between manual assignment and automatic assignment. With manual assignment you choose the right appraiser for the job. Auto assignment can be setup with advanced filtering and sorting so the system chooses the right appraiser based on your requirements.


Leverage the power of #1 sales application with order based account management. Store contacts, track calls and emails, create tasks or schedule meetings all from within the account screens. Workflows and alerts can be setup per account.

Dashboards & Reports

Imagine the power of getting instant access to real-time analytics. With Compass it’s as easy as a click. Dive in without IT support; reporting is as easy as drag and drop. Build custom reports instantly, share with your team or schedule delivery to management.

Quality Control

Leverage MISMO XML standards and build account specific rules. Reduce the back and forth with an appraiser by having corrections done at submission. Results are displayed within the order, can be exported to reports or used for scoring.


Take back control. No longer are you bound by someone else’s idea of appraisal management, with Compass you are empowered to run your company the way you want. Define permissions, hierarchies, groups and even custom sharing rules. Move your efficiency to the next level by automating routine activities and eliminating redundant tasks. Make sure order workflow doesn’t stop with custom triggers and alerts.

Access Control

Manage users with out of the box permissions or build your own. Define your organizations hierarchy, see when users are logging in and send mass emails to several users at once. Setup sharing settings, define passwords, restrict IP addresses and view audit trails.


We understand no two companies work the same way, so why should your Appraisal Management System. With Compass you can setup the system based on how your business operates to ensure client satisfaction. Configure products, accounts, local prices, turn-around times, payment settings, and much, much more…

Workflows & Approvals

Stuck doing manual repetitive tasks, automate business processes with workflows and approvals. Create workflow rules that send out emails, create tasks, updated fields or send outbound messages to other systems. Use time dependant triggers to fire rules in advance or after a day/time occurs.

Triggers & Email Alerts

Add some spice to your notifications and give them the personal touch. Create branded letterheads for HTML emails. Define custom email templates and control the content of the alerts you send.


Say goodbye to information silos. Compass leverages the Force.com proven Web services API to deliver real-time integration. Use the existing connections below to get work done faster. Need to integrate further, let us show you how.

Appraisal World

Lacking coverage in a specific location? Recruiting has never been easier, search by address or county/state. Search results are returned using geo-spatial cluster analysis of appraisers work histories. Once you’ve identified an appraiser, you are one click away from bringing their profile information into Compass.

Bradford Technologies PortalDirect

Submit reports to the Uniform Collateral Data Portal™ with the click of a mouse. Receive status updates in the order and pass any hard-stops or warnings back to the appraiser for revisions. Once approved the SSR report and doc file id’s are stored and can be passed to other parties upstream.

Loan Origination Systems

Receive and deliver orders seamlessly. If your clients use a loan origination system, don’t force them to re-enter appraisal order data. We’ve already made connections with FICS, NSS, Calyx and the list is growing.

Appraiser Registry

Validate appraiser license information with a direct connection into the Appraisal Subcommittee’s national registry of licensed appraisers. Chose which data elements to update and save them to the appraiser profile.

Custom Web Forms

Think outside the box and build custom web forms. Offer new products to your clients and wow them with innovation. The possibilities are endless.


Capture payments at the moment of order using integrated credit card processing. Need custom integration into your accounting system, leverage our experience to help you bring it all together.

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