The SmartIntegration Platform 

Integrate your CRM Solution with anything, anywhere, across any device.

Multi-Cloud Integration

Take your business to the next level with the InterWeave Multi-Cloud Integration Platform

Connect your cloud with applications, data, enterprise solutions and other clouds to create your hybrid cloud environment. As cloud-based, subscription-based solutions continue to evolve, your challenge is to find the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendor who has the capability and experience to integration with your existing on-premise systems.

Multi-Cloud IntegrationBenefits with out Boarders

With the Multi-Cloud Integration Platform, you can seamlessly integrate any number and combination of on-premise and/or cloud-based applications in real-time Multiple SaaS Solutions to On-premise systems; not issues. Additionally, we support both public and private cloud integration.

Multi-Cloud Integration

Multi-Cloud Integration Patterns

The Multi-Cloud Integration Platform supports all key integration and communication patterns, including application-to-application, pub-sub, real-time, streaming, batch, ETL integrations and more.  Source to Platform and Platform to Target are mutually exclusive, so workload optimization can be tailored at Solution level. Large file data loads can be run in parallel in asynchronous mode.

Multi-Cloud IntegrationMulti-Cloud Integration Solutions

The Multi-Cloud Integration Platform provides a large library of connectors which allow you to support sophisticated integrations. SaaS to Enterprise, SaaS to SaaS, SaaS to third-party; we support them all. Configurable Solutions are provided support Standard and Custom Object integration, workflow and business process support, etc.

Multi-Cloud Integration

Configurable Solutions at the Ready

With the Multi-Cloud Integration Platform, configurable Solutions for integration with Salesforce, bpmOnline, OROCRM, SugarCRM, Oracle Sales Cloud with QuickBooks, Sage, Avalara, MS Dynamics, Oracle and more are supported. Full AR/AP processing is supported in your CRM and is available in configurable format for your Accounting integration.

Multi-Cloud Integration

Flexibility with no Infrastructure

The Multi-Cloud Integration Platform requires no additional on-premise infrastructure, so there’s nothing to install, no new proprietary hardware or training needed, and simple browser-based management. The Platform provides strong support for all commonly known APIs) even previous-generation APIs and interfaces.

Security and Compliance

The right PaaS partner offers critical business security like fraud detection, real-time intruder alerts and response, and easy-to-read audit and reporting screens. Additionally, PaaS should ensure compliance with industry standards like those mandated by the Payment Card Security Standards Council and the GDPR. Executing mandatory audits and visualizing threats on PaaS-provided interfaces relieves a huge workload from internal IT experts and greatly simplifies cloud integration.

Integrate your CRM Solution with anything, anywhere, across any device.

Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Our cloud-based, CRM applications for sales, service, marketing, and more don’t require IT experts to set up or manage — simply log in and start connecting to customers in a whole new way. 

Over 150,000 companies use Salesforce CRM to grow their businesses by strengthening customer relationships. Customer Relationship Management helps companies understand their customers’ needs and solve problems by better managing customer information and interactions — all on a single platform that’s always accessible from any desktop or device.

Oracle Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management solution that offers capabilities and features enabling companies to significantly grow through accelerated sales, improved customer engagement, and more. The software empowers your sales representatives to sell more because they are now driven by high value and very actionable insights.

Oracle Sales Cloud is also a perfect pipeline building solution as it enables you to utilize all channels at your disposal to stay ahead of your customers and deliver exceptional customer experience at every opportunity. Every individual in your company is involved in making sales, from field reps and operations to team leaders.



Creatio is a leading software platform that focuses on business process automation and CRM. Equipped with a full suite of out-of-the-box solutions, this software can help you streamline your company processes, boost employee productivity, and make sense of CRM data to provide a better and more consistent service to your clients. As a testament to the robust yet easy-to-use functionalities of this program, it even won our Great User Experience Award for 2017 for its acceleration-enabled architecture.

Currently, Creatio CRM is made up of three modules: Creatio marketing, Bpm’online sales, and Creatio service. With these, users have the power to manage their CRM efforts without having to invest in multiple programs.

SugarCRM is the world’s largest open source CRM (customer relationship management) software. Founded in 2004, over 7,000 customers and more than half a million users rely on SugarCRM to execute marketing programs, grow sales, retain customers, and create custom business applications. These custom business applications can be used in a multitude of ways, such as to power sales teams, run customer support organizations, and manage customer information databases.

We were founded in 2012, with the idea that multi-channel businesses need CRM solutions built for their needs. A customizable, open source CRM software that puts your personalized customer experience at the heart of what we build. At our core, we believe in a product that is flexible, has key marketing tools for multi-channel businesses out of the box, and amazing dashboards and reporting that help companies make sense of disparate data. We also believe that if we create a community and platform around our flexible and customizable CRM software we will see unparalleled innovation and an enhanced customer experience.

SuiteCRM is a free and open source customer relationship management (CRM) solution that gives users highly actionable insights on which to base critical business decisions, actions, and strategies. SuiteCRM is designed to greatly improve business sales by enabling companies to bolster conversions, turn leads into customers, and drive innovation in product development and customer care.

With SuiteCRM, businesses are able to engage with their potential clients and existing customers at every point of contact and optimize all opportunities that come along. As the software is offered as a free and open source platform, users are able to reduce their CRM-related expenses by as much as 80%.

You also have total control over deployment. You can choose to have SuiteCRM deployed in your private cloud or directly on your servers behind your firewalls. Amazon? Sure. Public cloud? You can do that too.

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