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Integration Technologies, Inc. serves our global clients from several North American locations. If you have any questions, or require additional information regarding our products, we would be pleased to answer them for you. We may be reached through our office locations and contact information provided below.

Introducing Paragon Security NY

Servicing NYC for Locksmith, Security Cameras, Intercoms and Access Control Systems Since 1988

Paragon Security & Locksmith Inc. was established in the West Village in New York City.

Since 1988, Paragon Security has been providing reliable locksmith, intercom, and security services throughout all five boroughs.

Paragon can handle any type of security requirement, from part replacements to integrated security system installations. With an extensive product line of locks, safes, gates, security systems, intercom systems, and doors as well as a knowledgeable staff, we provide important safeguards for you such as 24/7 emergency services for lockouts or lock replacements.

Paragon is proud to serve customers all across New York City including in Manhattan, QueensBrooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island. And we serve customers in Jersey City and Hoboken too.

Keyless Locks Installation

No more lockouts. Enter your home or business with a keypad code or use your smart phone to allow access.

High Security Locks Installation

Patented keys prevent unauthorized key duplication & are a better defense against picking, drilling & bumping.

Doors Installation

Custom doors offered at Paragon Security will cover every need you have, whether commercial or residential.

“The service at Paragon Locksmith is amazing! We had an emergency that needed to be addressed ASAP. Paragon sent Tal (who is exceptional) and Tal got a lock installed on our door in no time. Thanks Paragon and Tal for your great service!”

                                                                                            Mary F., St. Louis, MO

The Paragon Security NY Solution

InterWeave Smart Solutions – QuickBooks Integration Solution for Salesforce(CPQ Mobile) and QuickBooks.

We’re a small Locksmith and Security company for which I am Accounts Receivable and Systems Admin.

Integration between Salesforce and QuickBooks supports the majority of my responsibilities and if InterWeave isn’t working I can’t work. That said, I love InterWeave and their team. The systems are very reliable and if there is any troubleshooting necessary the support articles in place are excellent resources to utilize.

The staff is fantastic; Alex and Dmytro are great to work with and take a lot of time to help me understand what’s happening or resolve situations. They’re great about coming up with ways for us to grow our systems and processes.

Bruce is also wonderful; highly responsive and incredibly helpful.

                                                                 Sam Tang, Paragon Security NYC.

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