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We support companies in over 20 countries worldwide and consistently provide new Solutions in CRM, Financial, Payment Processing and Multi-Cloud Integration. Additonally, we integrate CRM wtih ERP, eCommerce, On-Demand Subscription Billing and more. Clients range in size from pre-revenue start-ups, non-profits and to multi-billion dollar global enterprises, from numerous industries.

Our new customer, Aden Brook.

Aden Brook is a premier source of HayStraw and Bedding to customers located within our delivery regions and beyond. We are dedicated to producing and sourcing every grade and type of hay needed within our markets, then providing that product to our customers in the right size bale and with the right size and type delivery to suit their needs efficiently year round. We accomplish this consistently each year by giving careful attention to the seasons and supply’s and through our long term relationships with growers in every major hay and straw producing region of the US and Canada.

Our new customer, Morning Brew.

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Our new customer, National Staffing.

National Staffing Solutions has been a leader in the travel healthcare industry for decades. We place healthcare professionals in positions that allow them to gain valuable experiences, fill the skyrocketing demand in their field and travel nationwide. 

Our new customer, InterPros Consulting.

IntePros Consulting is founded on the core values of Accountability, Family, Passion, Trust, and Value.

It’s our mission to provide genuine business value by empowering, encouraging, and proactively supporting our personnel to exceed our clients’ expectations. We encourage innovative thinking in order to enhance our abilities to provide hard to find talent at reduced labor costs.

When you work with IntePros Consulting, you will quickly experience our ‘Family’ atmosphere and culture of integrity, quality and value.

February 12, 2019

Kim Girvan of Sucre says:

I figured the integration of QuickBooks and Salesforce would not be easy and that turned out to be true. Good thing for us we had the InterWeave team on our side. Their knowledge and experience in this integration process really showed and their willingness to walk us through the challenges was worth every dollar spent. And, they continue to communicate with us to make sure everything is working as they said it would. Thank you InterWeave..

Thursday, January 12, 2018

From: Dustin Mayfield

Subject: Saratech – Thank you for your support

Alexander and Dmytro,

I am the IT manager of Saratech and wanted to express my thanks for your phenomenal support over this last year. I think it goes without saying you have gone above and beyond to quickly respond to our issues and do your best to get it solved. Despite our frustrations with some of our issues, you both have won us as a customer for life.

I’m not sure where we stand with our current problems, but I have heard nothing but praise from my team and finance about how helpful and patient you have been throughout the last year. I know we picked the right vendor for this function of our business and I hope we have not caused too much headaches on your end.

Best Regards,
Dustin Mayfield
Dustin Mayfield
Business and Engineering Systems Operations Manager

Thursday, November 16, 2017




Dear Bruce and Dmytro,

MILLION THANKS for your excellent work! You are the best!

I will monitor the transactions for the next four or five days as you suggested.
Alexander will send me information regarding the ticket I am to create for the next step.
At some point in the future, we will work on the third item below, there is no rush on it.
You will send me an invoice for the 2018 license and proceed to download the new edition of QB.
If I have missed something, please let me know.

Again, thank you for ten years of being The Best Company to work with!

DeepVac, Inc.

Friday, November 10, 2017


InterWeave Smart Solutions – Configurable QuickBooks Integration Solution for Salesforce(FieldBuddy) and QuickBooks.

“My name is Sam Tang of Paragon Security NYC. We’re a small Locksmith and Security company for which I am Accounts Receivable and Systems Admin. Integration between Salesforce and QuickBooks supports the majority of my responsibilities and if InterWeave isn’t working I can’t work. That said, I love InterWeave and their team. The systems are very reliable and if there is any troubleshooting necessary the support articles in place are excellent resources to utilize. The staff is fantastic; Alex and Dmytro are great to work with and take a lot of time to help me understand what’s happening or resolve situations. They’re great about coming up with ways for us to grow our systems and processes. Bruce is also wonderful; highly responsive and incredibly helpful. This group is a 5 out of 5.”

All-Star Baseball Academy – 09/13/2016

Great Integration Between and their 6 QuickBooks Company files (in real-time)

“I couldn’t imagine how we’d be able to handle the workload without InterWeave unless we hired more staff. That’s not what we need. Every dollar we save on operations can be spent on supporting young athletes strengthen their skills and improving the baseball training experience. This group is a 5 out of 5.

Dan Blake, All-Star Baseball

Patina Solutions – Great Integration Between Talent Rover(SF) and Sage 50

 My name is Lloyd Ebert of Patina Solutions and we have been working the InterWeave Smart Solutions group since 2014. With Patina as your partner, we’re the professionals to help you solve problems, realize opportunities, improve results, fill a key expertise or resource gaps, or assist with any other critical initiative at your organization. We engaged with Talent Rover and InterWeave to provide our customers the highest level of recruiting resources and we needed this to integrate completely with our Sage 50. Just to be clear, this didn’t happen overnight. Talent Rover is fully operational Recruiting and Sourcing Solution that was completely customized to our requirements and then InterWeave integrated that with our Sage 50. During this process, we upgraded servers, Sage 50 versions and requirements, and Interweave was with us all the way. This group is a 5 out of 5.

Lloyd Ebert, Patina

Lori O’Neil from Foods Resource Bank


InterWeave Smart Solutions – Configurable QuickBooks Integration Solution for Salesforce Non-Profit Edition
Wednesday, May 12, 2016

My name is Lori O’Neil of the Foods Resource Bank, and we have been working the InterWeave Smart Solutions group since 2010. Our Non-Profit raises money to help people in developing countries grow their own food. Each year more than 200 U.S. growing projects, volunteers, companies, and organizations raise $3.5-4 million to support 50-60 overseas programs. To accomplish this, we needed an integration Solution that work to our defined business process and workflow requirements. Salesforce and QuickBooks provide the first two legs – InterWeave provided the third. Since 2010, we have been through 2 other Non-Profits Solutions, both integrated by InterWeave, but finalized on the Salesforce Non-Profit Edition in 2013 (again, integrated by InterWeave). I have read it else where’s, but the InterWeave team is patient, supportive, flexible in setting up meetings and go way beyond in not only assisting where their Smart Solution is concerned, but providing advice and Best Practice. We look forward to the next 6 years. This group is a 5 out of 5.

Lori O’Neil, Accounting, Foods Resource Bank

Angela Hoskins from The In-Store Merchandising Experts

InterWeave Smart Solutions – Configurable QuickBooks Online Integration Solution for Salesforce
Friday, April 29, 2016

Interfaces are hard, and they are the hardest when there is incredibly custom processes in place with lots of “well, I forgot about this one customer that does things differently” types of conversations. It took some time for us to get the interface live because the various ways that we handle our customers’ needs is a valuable differentiation from our competitors – but makes connecting 2 systems quite challenging. The InterWeave engineers, led by Dmytro, were clever problem solvers and achieved a connection between QB Online and Salesforce for billing that has saved us the expense of 1 full time team member manually creating the bills! There are some limitations to what the online version of QB offers, but Dmytro and his team helped to come up with solutions around the limitations. If you choose to go with these guys, let them help you take away “grunt work” of entering things into 2 systems. Unless your business is really straightforward, it may take some time to work through all of the nuances, but you can’t argue with saving the labor cost of an entire team member – and that’s only our first phase of billing! We have future phases that we will continue with InterWeave, and we will only continue to become more and more efficient. This group is a 5 out of 5.

Angela Hoskins, CEO, The In-Store Merchandising Experts

Jane Gyorgy from DeepVac, Inc.

InterWeave Smart Solutions – Configurable QuickBooks Desktop (Hosted at Trapp Online) integration to Salesforce Enterprise Edition

Update – Thursday, February 18, 2016

I have been working with computers since 1985. As a small business owner for the past 25 years it was only in 1998 I started to work with QuickBooks. With a few hitches in between, I took my company to the cloud with Sales Force in 2006, and integrated SF with QB through InterWeave in 2007 and have never looked back.

Between 1998 and 2006 I had the misfortune of working with several companies that did not understand what I wanted, what I needed and couldn’t deliver even on what they did profess to do, and their technical support was sorely lacking.

Interweave has made it possible for smooth integration of my CRM / Scheduling program (Sales Force) and my Financial Management program (QuickBooks). They listened to what I was attempting to accomplish, customized their program to fit my needs, and have provided the best customer service since day one that I have encountered in my 31 years of experience with technical support of any kind.

Recently, Sales Force changed the encryption platform which required my files to be moved to a dedicated server. About the same time, it became obvious my original QuickBooks company file, in use since 1998, could no longer handle incoming from SalesForce. When we needed to create a new file and sync SalesForce to it, InterWeave made that transition as smooth as silk, as if it only required flipping a switch. It took much more than that on their end, but on mine, they couldn’t have made it seem any easier.

I cannot say enough good about InterWeave so I will leave you with this: My name is Jane Gyorgy. I am the owner of DeepVac Inc. and you can reach me at 415-850-4722. I stand behind my word and recommend InterWeave without reservation.

Aesthic-Press, LLC.

Aesthic-Press was looking for a very tightly integrated solution to integrate to Quickbooks, bi-directionally, with multi-currency invoked and two QuickBook company files – reconciled in real-time.

Salesforce to Quickbooks integration via InterWeave Smart Solutions.


Needed hosted, bi-directional synchronization between and their two, hosted QuickBooks files. One of Euro’s and one for Dollars.

Needed real-time information available in both systems Required effective tracking & management of account, opportunities, contacts and product data Required ease-of-control in scheduling integration transactions

Other key requirements included complete self-service capabilities and total configuration flexibility


Register their company and configure their Salesforce to Quickbooks custom Solution via configuration in The InterWeave Solutions Portal Select the right configuration parameters for their needs – and then generate their custom Solution moved from decision to full deployment in a short timeframe

Required ease-of-control in scheduling integration transactions Online, real-time integration between all objects in Salesforce with all objects in Quickbooks, uni or bi-directionally, at the data, data format and data hierarchy levels

The Integration Manager Console allows easy integration scheduling


A fully integrated CRM/Financial Application at a fraction of the cost, time, & risk of traditional “all-in-one” applications Increased ability to deliver outstanding service to customers & prospects; information is where it needs to be; at the right time, in the right format and for the right people

Management and Financial teams spend less time gathering information, more time providing better customer service.