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InsureVue for MGAs

Digital Transformation For Insurance

Connect with customers online, drive growth and streamline processes with the leading cloud-based policy management platform that digitizes your insurance business.

Solutions For Every Insurance Business

Learn how other brokers, MGAs, and insurers are digitizing their processes with InsureVue

InsureVue for MGAs

Underwrite and issue policies on a fully digital platform that streamlines processes and creates a real time 360° view of your business.

InsureVue’s cloud-based platform transforms P&C insurance firms into digital powerhouses. Deliver a better experience to insureds and elevate internal productivity with powerful features:

• Offer your products online: Give insureds the power to buy or renew policies online while eliminating manual processes for issuing policies.

• Manage your clients holistically: Keep all information and documents relevant to an insured at your fingertips, accessible anywhere via the cloud.

• Automated underwriting, quoting, and issuance: Check submissions against your underwriting rules and eliminate redundant re-keying through automated generation of proposal and policy documents.

• Track claims against each policy: Record summarized claims data against each policyholder to provide the full picture of the file.

• Understand your business with analytics: Track underwriter workload, upcoming renewals, broker hit ratios, product benchmarking, and more.

Create an unrivaled customer experience for insureds

Today’s consumers want to buy products and services online – getting insurance should be no different. InsureVue’s digital insurance platform will enable you to offer a fully digital workflow that allows customers to apply, get quotes, bind, pay, and receive their policies electronically. It all happens in a matter of minutes. Try our demo to experience how easy this is for yourself.

A Solution that works as hard as you do

Increase renewal retention

If you currently require your insureds to fill out a blank application at each renewal, you are inviting them to shop their insurance. InsureVue increases renewal retention by pre-filling an online application based on expiring policy data. Renewals are fast and streamlined to complete – making the choice to renew with you easy for your insureds.

Optimize processes and boost your employees’ productivity

In a digital process, your underwriting and rating rules are enforced by the system so applicants that fit within the underwriting guidelines can have their policies bound and issued automatically. Only the applications that require underwriting are handled by your staff which dramatically reduces the amount of time they need to spend manually underwriting or rating standard policies.

Serve insureds in the channel they prefer

Going digital does not mean abandoning your traditional interaction channels – a digital channel seamlessly integrates with and complements them. If a customer starts an online application and then gives your office a call, you can use InsureVue to pull up their application in real-time. And if the insured needs time to review their quote, you can call them later and complete binding over the phone.

The four-step process to digital transformation

InsureVue is a cloud-based policy management system that we customize just for your business. Our four-step implementation process results in delivering a fully-customized, fully-branded online website where insureds can purchase their insurance.

InsureVue is a native application that is customized to automate your firm’s specific P&C insurance products. Contact us to learn more.

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