We start with Multiple Tracks

InterWeave services

InterWeave services

InterWeave Smart Solutions are designed to run to operate in a very efficient and streamlined manner, but a Smart Process will deliver a Smart Solution. InterWeave deployment is approached on parallel tracks; Track 1 is the InterWeave Model Selection, Custom Section and Field Setup and then Connector Installation, Track 2 is Design Review and Analysis, Custom Solution Development followed by Configuration, Deployment and Support.  Working both Tracks in parallel allow your Solution deployment to proceed exactly to the agreed project timeline. Below, please see the Steps and Details required to create your Smart Solution.

Track 1 – Model Selection and Set Up

InterWeave Model Selection

InterWeave Smart Solutions deliver a complete integration process for popular business applications. Let’s look at a favorite, and QuickBooks. With InterWeave Smart Solutions, you can purchase, configure and run a customized integration Solution for these applications that integrate all standard Salesforce objects (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Products, Cases) to all standard QuickBooks objects (Customers, Contacts, Sales Orders, Sales Receipts, Invoices, Estimates, Jobs, Items); configure, test, run. Our Professional, Premier, Small Business and Enterprise Models provide Solutions are uni or bi-directional at object level and encompass A/R features only or A/R and A/P features is a configurable format.

Custom Section and Field Setup

  • Customize/update your CRM and Financial application with custom sections and fields as identified in the Help & Training Manual. We create custom sections and fields to support the integration and custom sections to support financial information which is now available in your CRM.
  • Connector Installation
    • If you are connecting to Quickbooks Online, you will configure access directly in QB Online and a key will be issued.
    • If your connecting to your Quickbooks Company file in the TrappOnline hosted environment, Trapp will provide the installation. For more information regarding hosting your QuickBooks, visit the TrappOnline page on our website —
    • If your connecting to your Quickbooks Company file in your environment, you will load down our connector to your server and port forward to allow InterWeave to talk with the connector.

Track 2 – Design and Configuration of Solution

  • Design Review and Analysis
    • Every standard InterWeave Solution is based on Best Practices and fully configurable from Object/Field of your source application to the Object /Field of your target application. But every customer is different and the business process and work flow they have implemented may be proprietary to them. An InterWeave Specialist will work with your team to insure we understand not only your process, but provide recommendations regarding best practice and guidelines regarding transaction processing in your target application.
  • Custom Solution Development
    • Once the Design Review and Analysis is signed off by the customer, your custom solution will be developed by InterWeave according to an agreed project timeline.
  • Solution Deployment and Testing
    • InterWeave Solutions are completely configurable by the customer with pick lists, drop downs, custom objects and custom fields. Your InterWeave Specialist will work with you to configure your Solution and generate your Flows in a master dashboard format, and provide instructions for testing.
  • Customer Testing
    • When you log into your InterWeave Solution, your Flows (or source object to target object transactions) are presented to you in two forms; Scheduled Flows (for production) and Utility Flows for testing. Utility Flows are for one to one testing while Scheduled Flows encompass sophisticated processing logic. Once your done testing, turn on your Scheduled Flows.
  • Support
    • Every customer gets our standard SmartSupport Plan for online support. Our most successful customers take advantage of our Smart Success Plans to achieve an 80% higher return on their InterWeave investment. Large enterprise customers benefit from Mission Critical Success, our highest level of service and support.

Customer Support

If you need additional information or if we can help in any way, contact InterWeave Customer Support directly; use the following numbers depending on your location:

Americas: (800)-671-8692 ext 103
Canada: (800)-671-8692 ext 103
APAC: (800)-671-8692 ext 103
Japan: (800)-671-8692 ext 103
For more information about getting started, see the Smart Solution Process data sheet.

In pdf form, click here: Smart Solution Process Data Sheet

In pdf form, click here: Example Timeline for Salesforce to QuickBooks Solution