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Detail of creating Solutions

InterWeave Checklist the Solution Process.

How fast may I expect the integration to be completed?

The Integration timeline is at the customers speed — it is directly regulated by:

  • the quality and amount of your data,
  • duplicates, special characters, loading historical data, etc., and
  • the number of flows you have selected. As we have over 75 flows and 150 configurable options to choose from, we recommend a phased approach so you may managed expectations.

Phase 1. Data de-dup in your CRM is Job 1. CRM’s allows multiple Account names (not unique). QuickBooks Customers are always unique—so you need to run your reports or export to excel, compare and match them to QuickBooks. Clean data allows for a very clean integration. Look on the Sugar Exchange for product recommendations. .

Phase 2. Connect your QuickBooks. We have worked with many Managed Service Provider’s who host customers QuickBooks and customers who have the QuickBooks Company file running on their own internal server (ex. MS 2008 Server). We work with a QuickBooks hosting company——whose price points are excellent and they know the applications (CRM/InterWeave/QuickBooks) very well. We highly recommend them to you. You can reach Greg Forshey at 302-443-9145.

Phase 3. Group your flows in a logical/process manor (CRM/QuickBooks/CRM). When building out your configuration, there are logical groupings that allow you to test quickly are:

Basic Integration. Accounts to Customers, Quotes to Invoices and Products to Items.

Advanced Integration 1. Additional flows (Quotes to Sales Orders, Receipts, Estimates, etc.).

Advanced Integration 2. Account to Vendors, Quotes to Purchase Orders.

Additional files. Add and integrate multiple QuickBooks Company files.

This approach allows you to set expectations internally and gives all a working plan to measure by.

Phase 4. Bind and move to Production. We bind Accounts, Opportunities/Quotes and Products in CRM to Customers, Invoices and Items in QuickBooks. Then we move you to production. You set the timing of the flows and your Solution runs 24/7/365.

Phase 5. Monitor and Customize. Now that your in production, to add custom fields in your CRM connecting to QuickBooks, log in, stop your flows and then select Edit Company File to connect custom fields in Sugar that you have created to fields in QuickBooks.

Support is available for all customers via email, phone, Skype and GotoMeeting screensharing. If you having an issue, we have a full library available at the InterWeave Forum——register and review at your leisure.

If you require additional help with setup, testing, configuration, etc., this is available to you. Our SmartStart Program addresses all major area of the integration— see detail here—

There are a variety of InterWeave Smart Solutions available; from CRM, Financial, ERP, eCommerce, Billing, Customer Service and more. Contact us at 203 274 5226, email or go to