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InterWeave SmartSolutions

CloudConnect for Salesforce

CloudConnect® integrates any application, process, gateway, protocol, partner > customer < in the world. CloudConnect® connects your world.

Introducing InterWeave CloudConnect®

CloudConnect® is the result of three years of focused execution, development and deployment; porting the InterWeave Integration Platform to the SaaS world. The strength, flexibility and robustness of the InterWeave Integration Platform; the engine that powered Fortune 100 companies integration needs, is now available as CloudConnect®; lightweight, flexible, hosted. The premier Solutions Portal for all your integration needs.

CloudConnect® was designed to meet the complex integration needs our customers face; integrating their new or existing applications; taking advantage of SaaS economics and flexibility but demanding the highest levels of data security and privacy. This is the charter we set out to fulfill – and this is what CloudConnect® is; but its even more.

CloudConnect® is the first multi-tenet, SaaS, data integration, Solutions platform hosted at Rackspace Managed Hosting. Rackspace is a Sarbanes/Oxley, SaaS 70, Salesforce & Symantec certified managed services vendor. Its in this environment that CloudConnect® is running with the following attributes:

  • Multi-tenant Solutions platform
  • Primary/secondary servers automatically generated
  • Full heart-beat-synchronization between primary/secondary servers
  • Automatic failover on primary/secondary servers

CloudConnect includes:

Below are just some of the Protocols that have been delivered. Don’t see the one below that you need? Just ask.

When you generate your Solution, a second application which monitors and manages Data and Connection in real time is generated; the Integration Manager.

The Integration Manager is accessed when you log into the InterWeave Smart Solutions Portal. The console is a customer facing User Interface that controls the multi-tenant platform and your Solution.

  • Show’s only the transactions you are authorized to see
  • Allows complete control of scheduled and utility transactions
  • Provides repetition protection
  • Provide automatic synchronization with error reporting on-demand
  • Automatically invoke multiple threads based on load requirements

It is the combination of the attributes of the multi-tenant Solutions platform and the Integration Manager that provides CloudConnect® customers, technology partners and system integration consulting partners the ability to rapidly configure and deliver Smart Solutions that provide secure, affordable, cloud-based integration.


CloudConnect Pricing

Gateways subscriptions are priced at $3600 annually, with bundled pricing available when you include other SmartSolutions.

Take our Salesforce_QuickBooks, Salesforce_Sage Intacct or the Salesforce_Sage 100Cloud SmartSolution. We have the right type for you. A model, make and price point for every customer.

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There are a variety of InterWeave SmartSolutions available;

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