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Microsoft Dynamics 365 & InterWeave

Adapt and innovate with a hyperconnected business—give everyone the insights and freedom to thrive by connecting your data, processes, and teams with intelligent business applications.

It’s how you become more agile to delight your customers. With Dynamics 365, you’ll have the only portfolio of intelligent business applications that empowers everyone to deliver operational excellence and create more engaging customer experiences.

The InterWeave MS Dynamics Solution integrates with InterWeave SMARTSolutions, a comprehensive SaaS Integration Platform, providing uni or bi-directional integration of data with your CRM. As MS Dynamics extends its capabilities, we focus on keeping pace with them.


Building upon success

MS Dynamics 365 and InterWeave builds upon the success of MS Dynamics, providing  SMARTSolutions that deliver powerful yet easy-to-use configurable integration Solutions for your CRM, allowing seamless integration of data, uni or bi-directional from your MS Dynamics to your CRM.

The agility to delight every customer. Every day.

Innovate everywhere

Solve problems with powerful solutions you only get from the Microsoft Cloud—all built to easily work together from the very start.

Create impact faster

  • Use modular, prebuilt applications. Easily connect Dynamics 365 applications with the systems and tools you already use to add and extend capabilities for your exiting solutions.
  • Connect solutions end to end. Accelerate your business growth with connected business applications to optimize your operations, innovate across teams, and better engage customers.
  • Rapidly deploy and onboard. Implement your solution and drive user adoption—in days or weeks instead of months—to quickly innovate and see faster results.

Break through barries

  • Access data everywhere. Connect to hundreds of data sources on day one—including Microsoft 365, Azure, LinkedIn, and other sources—or easily create your own connectors.
  • Generate continuous insights. Drive better outcomes across the business by combining your data with AI for powerful, targeted insights.
  • Protect and secure your business. Security and compliance come standard for your business and customer data—from identity protection, encryption, and role-based access to auditing and logging.

Adapt to anything

  • Rapidly respond to change. With prebuilt solutions from Microsoft and partners, you’re able to quickly adapt to changing customer needs, trends, and market conditions.
  • Reshape and transform. Accelerate business results—and get the most value from Dynamics 365—by working with trusted Microsoft partners and prebuilt industry solutions.
  • Be future-ready. Always be ready for what’s next by integrating emerging technologies into your business—including mixed reality, the Internet of Things, and advanced analytics.

Innovate everywhere

  • Work in an integrated cloud. Trust the only business platform that natively works in the Microsoft Cloud—with Microsoft 365, Azure, and Microsoft Power Platform—for unparalleled interoperability across systems and processes.
  • Turn ideas into reality. Empower anyone, regardless of skill set, to innovate with low-code Microsoft Power Platform services—used by more than 97 percent of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Elevate teamwork. Easily access and share information to collaborate across roles, teams, and departments—Dynamics 365 was built to organically work with Microsoft 365 productivity applications.

Comprehensive business management & cost saving

Ensure business continuity with a cloud solution that connects sales, service, finance, and operations teams to help them adapt faster and deliver results.

During periods of rapid growth or through turbulent times like
the 2020 pandemic, organizations have been able to
provision their ERP resources accordingly on Business Central and save on cost.


A solution that works as hard as you do

With InterWeave SmartSolutions, you can Configure your customized Integration Solution that integrates all standard MS Dynamic Tables (Customers, Vendors, Contacts, Sales Orders, Sales Receipts, Invoices, Estimates, Jobs, Items, etc.), with your CRM Standard and Custom objects (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Orders, Invoices, Products, Cases, etc.).

Which MS DYnamicsEdition is right for your business?

The good news? InterWeave Supports them all.

Now your CRM can work seamlessly with the MS Dynamics 365 and MS Dynamics Enterprise Editions available. Our configurable, Cloud Integration Solutions are not fixed. In fact, we constantly update our solutions based on conversations with our customers in order to understand their needs, refine their solutions, and improve our offerings. The Editions we support are below: