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Introducing the Clay Art Center

A Place to Create, Connect, and Be Inspired

Clay Art Center in Port Chester, New York, is a nationally recognized 501c3 non-profit dedicated to the advancement and practice of ceramic art. Katherine Choy, a leader of the Newcomb pottery aesthetic, joined by master potter Henry Okamoto, founded the center as a communal studio in 1957. With Choy’s untimely death in 1958, Okamoto pursued her legacy for the rest of his life. At one time a lone beacon of clay artistry on the east coast, CAC become a haven for clay artists many of whom pursued significant careers in ceramics and influenced contemporary ceramic practice.

Potter Elsbeth Woody and sculptor Claudia Miller succeeded Okamoto, further carving out a place on the artistic map by initiating the Summer Workshop Festival and opening a gallery dedicated to exhibiting ceramics.

Beginning in 1997, Director Reena Kashyap and Associate Director Ruth Berelson strengthened existing programs and focused on advancing the mission with classes, exhibits, community outreach, and resident artist programs. In 2007 Clay Art Center’s new non-profit status enabled it to benefit the wider local community with free children’s and adult workshops and programs.

Today Clay Art Center is the largest and most active ceramic facility in the tristate area. Each year CAC serves over 9,000 people with exhibitions, classes, workshops, volunteer opportunities, and exposure to the rich world of handmade ceramic art. Over 200 scholarships are awarded each year to under-served children, and our community arts programs reach at-risk youth, seniors, underserved families, developmentally disabled youth and adults, adults with mental illnesses or Alzheimer’s, and women fighting cancer. CAC believes that artistic expression is a basic human instinct, bringing us together through communication and shared experience.

Through a half century of growth and expansion we have become an essential part of the greater arts community, engaging the public and fostering artistic grown through the myriad possibilities of clay. Explore our rich history in the gallery below, and help us celebrate over 60 years of our commitment to the arts.

Explore a little bit of our rich history in the gallery below, and celebrate over 60 years of Clay Art Center in Westchester County.

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The Clay Art Center Solution

InterWeave SmartSolutions – InterWeave Payment Gateway

InterWeave has been working with Clay Art since 2014; part of the Non Profit Communities we work with. We originally provided integration with their Salesforce Non Profit Edition to their QuickBooks Desktop, but over the years, the need for real-time Credit Card Payment Processing was added.  

We have What You’re Looking For

In the CRM’s that InterWeave SmartSolutions works with.  Our configurable, cloud integration solutions are not fixed. In fact, we constantly update our smart solutions based on the conversations with our customers in order to understand their needs, refine their solutions, and improve our Solutions.

For the SMB Market

InterWeave’s configurable environment makes it easy for business user to create, monitor and manage sophisticated integration solutions between many different applications—in real-time. The user-friendly, intuitive interface provides solutions in a configurable format where you select the flows that integrate the source and target objects with pick lists, drop downs and unlimited custom field addition. Integration direction is selectable at object level, so you may implement your business process and work flow the way your business works. Integration has never been simpler.

For the Enterprise Market

Integration Technologies is the leader in on-demand SMARTSolutions that integrate any application, process, gateway, protocol, customer (partner) in the world. We make it easy for customers to create integrated solutions that are specific to their business processes, workflow and customer experience. Companies worldwide now have real-time information flow, tighter employee collaboration and improved strategic business decision capabilities. Unlike traditional enterprise software alternatives, SMARTSolutions require no hardware, software or IT support, deploy in days and have the right model for each customer. InterWeave SMARTSolutions —integration solutions for the Enterprise.

There are a variety of InterWeave SmartSolutions available;

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