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Introducing Growing Hope Globally

We're growing hope globally

More than 811 million people in this world do not have enough to eat. 4 out of 5 of the world’s poor live in rural areas and depend on farming to feed their families. We believe in a world of plenty, no person should go hungry.


As a Christian response to hunger, we link the grassroots energy and commitment of rural communities in the U.S. with the capability and desire of smallholder farmers in developing countries to grow lasting solutions to hunger.


We envision a day when all people around the world have enough to eat and the physical, financial and community resources to live hopeful, healthy, productive lives. Our constructive role in this transformation is to raise resources to support sustainable smallholder agricultural development and to increase opportunities for all people to work together consciously toward a more just and equitable world for all.


Founded in 1999 as Foods Resource Bank, Growing Hope Globally started when Ohio Farmers Vernon and Carol Sloan invited their neighbors to become part of the solution to world hunger by shipping corn from their fields to developing countries.

They quickly learned shipping was too costly – nearly 15 times the cost of the grain itself – and would wreak havoc on local farmers and markets. Needing a new idea, they sat down with a handful of Christian organizations that fund and run international food security programs. Their unique solution: Use the proceeds from crops raised and sold in the U.S. to fund agricultural development programs overseas.

That seed of an idea has blossomed into a network of community Growing Projects in more than 20 states.  Together, we have served over 2 million people and helped them to grow lasting solutions to hunger.

Make a lasting difference in the World

With Growing Hope you can be a part of a solution that touches the lives of people around the world and breaks the cycle of hunger and poverty that limits them. Many hands do make light work… and your hands or small donation will make a long-term difference in the lives of the people we are reaching. We wouldn’t be who we are without our fantastic volunteers. Thank you for your time and for being such a blessing.

The Growing Hope Globally Solution

InterWeave SmartSolutions – QuickBooks Desktop (Hosted at Trapp Online) integration to Salesforce Enterprise (NP Edition)

My name is Meg Kreikemeier of Growing Hope Globally and we have been working the InterWeave Smart Solutions group since 2010.

Our non-profit raises money to help people in developing countries grow their own food. To accomplish this, we needed an integration solution that worked for our defined business process and workflow requirements. Salesforce and QuickBooks provide the first two legs – InterWeave provided the third.

Since 2010, we have been through 2 other Non-Profits Solutions, both integrated by InterWeave, and finalized on the Salesforce Non-Profit Edition in 2013 (again, integrated by InterWeave). I have read it elsewhere; the InterWeave team is supportive and flexible in setting up meetings and go way beyond in not only assisting where their SmartSolution is concerned, but providing advice and Best Practice.

And the most important part – it works reliably! We look forward to the next 12 years. This group is a 5 out of 5.

My name is Meg Kreikemeier and you can visit our website at

“Traveling with Growing Hope Globally was an eye-opening experience. The indigenous populations we visited in rural Guatemala might have basic shelter, but there is no food or sanitation. Hunger is a very real problem for them. I was impressed and very pleased with the Growing Hope Globally-supported work we saw. It made me realize that we can have real impact if we do things the RIGHT way. These programs are generational and long-lasting! The people have to work very hard to grow their food, but they take such pride and joy in it. I hesitate to give to nonprofits because I’m not sure where the money will go, but after seeing the impact our funds are making with my own eyes, I have no hesitation about supporting Growing Hope Globally. We are making a difference!”
                                                                       – Cristina Jones, Supporter

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