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Why engage with InterWeave? – The SmartIntegration Platform for CRM

If you are exploring the CRM integration industry, you will come across a plethora of Vendors, with many of them offering the base functionalities, aimed towards effective management of your customers information. So, what is it about InterWeave that makes it so popular and a leader in the market? Why would an organization a pay premium price for InterWeave, when there are others at nearly half the cost?

InterWeave launched The SmartIntegration Platform for CRM in the Cloud with Salesforce in 2006 and has been a leader in innovation in the Cloud Integration space ever since. The depth of functionality and ease of use were the primary winners for us. If you look at the InterWeave analytics, you will come across the following benefits of using InterWeave:

1) 360 Degree View:

This is one of the primary reasons that drive the InterWeave adoption rate. Sales Reps have better visibility into their accounts, contacts, opportunities, tasks, and complete financial information all in a single place. They now have a complete 360-degree view of the customer, which in turn helps them to make better business decisions to assist their customers in real-time.

2) The depth of functionality:

The SmartIntegration Platform comes with over fifteen (15) default Configurations supporting complete AR/AP processing in your CRM, additionally with Payments Integration, ERP Integration, multi-cloud and much more.

3) Configuration, not Programming:

Another area where InterWeave scores major points amongst its competitors is the InterWeave Platform is built on Configuration, not Programming. The customers Business Process and Workflow is uniquely Configurable for each Customers exacting requirements, whether standard or custom object integration. The Configuration supports any architecture in the CRM and Financial Application that is supported architecturally; unheard of in the industry. While the majority of requirements can be handled through the standard configuration, custom fields, custom process and more are all supported additionally. InterWeave Technical Analysts work directly with the Customer during the Configuration Sessions, discussing best practice, integration timing sequence, file size requirements, integration with other apps, etc., to provide you a complete solution.

4) Scalability:

When you are opting for a CRM Integration Solution, you are not simply making a decision for today, but the Solution should also be scalable enough to meet your business needs three (3) years from now. With over 8,000 Configurations to date, InterWeave is highly scalable and the Configuration helps to support and adapt to all future requirements.

5) Cloud-based PaaS/IasS model:

The SmartIntegration Platform for CRM was one of the first cloud-based Platforms as a Service ( PaaS) and Integration as a Service (IaaS) offering, supporting complex, real-world business models. InterWeave charges are based on Company licenses – not number of users, process flows, etc., like other Vendors. InterWeave’s Financial Integration Solutions offer three (3) Editions to support both the SMB and Enterprise markets; Small Business, Enterprise and Ultimate. As your requirements expand, upgrading to the next edition can be achieved in hours.

6) Reports:

Sales Reps can create their own reports to see the complete Financial history of an Account, Opportunities, Products they have sold, activities performed and tasks completed. This is the data the creates the reporting charts and dashboards that help them to measure their own performance and find out critical data via graphical formats.

7) Continuous Improvement and Innovation from our Customers:

The InterWeave team and community work closely with our Customers to build Solutions that are improved each day. We listen to our customers feedback and requests and incorporate new features in the solution on a weekly basis. InterWeave releases major new features quarterly to drive their reputation for product functionality and customer satisfaction.

8) The InterWeave Exchange:

InterWeave understands that there are other Vendors which can be used that provide Integration. Our response was the announcement of the InterWeave Exchange; Exchange – The InterWeave Exchange for CRM this year.  The InterWeave Exchange highlights the CRM’s that InterWeave focuses on and the Solutions that our customers and partners can Configure/Customize to support their businesses. The Exchange – The InterWeave Exchange for CRM supports Small and Enterprise businesses, all in one platform.

9) Implementation Times:

Being one of the first Cloud-based PaaS/IasS Platforms, the implementation time for InterWeave is noticeably less than standard Solutions, lessening the go-Live timeframes. The feature-rich Solution is completely Configurable, and addition customization is supported – out of the box.

10) Tracking the Customer Lifecycle:

InterWeave Solutions allow Sales Reps to track the customer lifecycle – with integration of real-time data between your CRM and your Financial Accounting System. This data supports the Analytics which deliver customizable insights to gain a deeper understanding of your customers history, orders and payments which provide the bases for additional revenue with presentation of add on Solutions.

InterWeave has diligently worked for the last 16 years to build a brand name while successfully showcasing growth, retaining customers with service and value, creating a sense of collectiveness amongst customers and stakeholders, making it a brand to be reckoned with in the CRM Integration space.