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Bruce Magown: Creating the Intelligent, Integration Platform for CRM

Today, almost all successful enterprises rely on underlying software applications that are designed to meet every need of organizations and customers. To meet diverse business requirements, enterprises have to pick and choose different software applications that have been created with disparate technologies.

When enterprises need to fulfil a varied set of business requirements, these disparate software applications must work together to produce a unified set of functionalities. Often, organizations encounter many challenges when dealing with so many different applications. One of the most difficult, yet common problems is that some of these applications are based on proprietary standards, and others are built with open standards, resulting in enterprises hiring bigger teams with varied backgrounds just to handle different software.

Introducing InterWeave – the SmartIntegration Platform built by Integration Technologies, that intelligently integrates CRM, Financial Applications, Payments and Multi-Cloud Solutions for an entire organization. Established in 2006 by Founder and CEO, Bruce F. Magown, Integration Technologies, Inc., (dba) InterWeave SmartSolutions, provides a SaaS, IaaS Integration Service, consisting of three simple components; the InterWeave Integration Platform, the Integration Manager, and the Interactive Development Environment.

Bruce Magown: Creating the Intelligent, Integration Platform for CRM – Aspioneer

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